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Why TerraSiteRx®


TerraSiteRx® was developed by A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. to provide a simple, yet effective way for ag retailers, consultants and farmers to analyze farm data with a comprehensive online platform. TerraSiteRx® enhances farm data collection, analysis and interpretation.

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Greg Patterson

CEO & Founder, A&L Labs

“TerrasiteRx® is unique due to A&L’s interpretive soil mapping systems and application of nutrient algorithms which have been validated by years of in-field research” said Greg Patterson, A&L Labs’ Founder and CEO. “Our clients have been asking for simple, interpretive tools to better understand what is happening on the farm.  We are excited to offer TerrasiteRx® to deliver clearer insights to farm data and more profitable decision making.”  

About A&L

We are an innovative, research driven technology company focused on sustainable development. Through leading expertise, modern laboratory facilities and strong customer focus, A&L serves a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Environmental, Food & Pharma -- globally.


In Agriculture, A&L provides comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant tissue, feed, fertilizer, and water. A&L’s services also include production recommendations, remote sensing and precision agriculture capabilities. A&L Biological Inc. focuses on research and development of biological compounds for use in agricultural production systems.  The A&L Environmental division provides organic and inorganic chemistry and general chemistry using state of the art technology and methodology.  For Food & Pharma, A&L provides analytical services for plant tissue, water, media and finished product. A&L’s services also include disease diagnostics, genetic analysis, production recommendations, and Plant Monitoring Program.  The company operates two world class analytical laboratories serving clients throughout Canada, the U.S. and Internationally.


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