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 Get the most out of your field with 

Site Specific Soil Sampling

For greater interpretation of soil fertility nutrient levels allowing for more profitable decision making

PLACE AN ORDER with your Ag Retailer or Crop Consultant for soil sampling and soil analysis 


YOUR FIELDS WILL BE SAMPLED and sent to A&L Labs for analysis



  • Work with your Ag Retailer or Consultant to review TerraSiteRx® Soil Maps to plan for future fertility programs

  • Or, log into the A&L DataWeb to review maps

You will receive an email when your maps are ready which includes a Soil Maps PDF file




DATA COLLECTION is also available via Deveron for soil sampling and UAV remote imaging

in North America: Canada and the U.S. Mid-West

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.35.03 AM.png

If you are already a customer of A&L Labs your soil data is in the A&L DataWeb and from there you have access to TerraSiteRx®. Existing A&L customers can view their past soil data on TerraSiteRx®.

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