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TerraSiteRx® Algorithm


Crop Health Report - MNDVI

Crop Health Report - MNDVI

The Crop Health Report though MNDVI (Modified Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)  is based on A&L's interpretation of the traditional NDVI. This analysis is applicable to all crop types.

  • This analysis provides a better interpretation of NDVI values and highlights the crop variability across your fields.

  • This report provides an indication of overall crop dynamics and can trigger in-field inspections for pest infestation and nutrient deficiencies.

  • In-field operations can then be triggered to optimize crop productivity in season.

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Contact your Ag Retailer or Crop Consultant to place your order, or order from the A&L DataWeb Client Portal

  1. LOGIN to A&L DataWeb 

  2. Access "TerraSiteRx "

  3. Click "Select Category" and  choose "Algorithm"

  4. Click on the package icon you wish to purchase

  5. Click “Apply”

Proprietary algorithms used in the TerraSiteRx farm data platform are based on years of in-house agronomy and remote sensing research.

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