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Precision Ag Update - A&L February 2020 Newsletter

by Brandon Yott, Strategy & Business Development Manager, Precision Ag Technologies, A&L Canada Laboratories

TerraSiteRx™ is A&L’s farm data platform to help clients proactively manage their crops and make better-informed decisions to drive business profitability. The TerraSiteRx™Analytics platform uses field research driven algorithms, including Crop Health (MNDVI), Plant Count, Stress Map, Crop Injury, Biomass Estimation and Targeted Soil Sampling, to derive various field and crop biophysical conditions.

A new feature, available for this season allows growers to connect to their MyJohnDeere Operations Center, so that they can easily export their yield data into the TerraSiteRx™ platform directly from their MyJohnDeere account.

NOTE: TerraSiteRx™ algorithms will still be available on a free trial basis for this season

Future plans - the precision agriculture research and software team are actively developing new tools, functionality and an enhanced user interface that we hope to launch in the near future – we will keep you posted!

To learn more about A&L’s TerraSiteRx™ visit

Read the complete A&L Canada Laboratories February 2020 Newsletter online here:


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