TerraSiteRx® Algorithm


Plant Count / Plant Density

Plant Stand Counts / Plant Density

This product is the perfect solution for retailers, growers, crop insurance adjusters and agronomists to help in accurately determining the number of plants or to measure the relative plant density in a given crop. The customer will receive a spatial map to demonstrate the total plants in an area of interest.


Product Description

  • Spatial map of Plant Count / Plant Density

  • Assessment and recommendation provided

Customer Value Proposition

  • Efficient count for seed production / breeding operations

  • Decision making tool on additional input investment (ie. fertility)

  • Decision tool on re-planting (ie. winter wheat)

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Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard



Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard


Proprietary algorithms used in the TerraSiteRx farm data platform are based on years of in-house agronomy and remote sensing research.

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  1. LOGIN to A&L DataWeb 

  2. Access "TerraSiteRx "

  3. Click "Select Category" and  choose "Algorithm"

  4. Click on the package icon you wish to purchase

  5. Click “Apply”

Contact your Ag Retailer or Crop Consultant to place your order, or order from the A&L DataWeb Client Portal