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TerraSiteRx® Algorithm


Crop Damage

Crop Damage

This product is the perfect solution for retailers, growers, crop insurance adjusters and agronomists to help in accurately determining the level of damage to a crop following any damage scenario or event. The customer will receive a spatial map to demonstrate the degree of crop damage along with a detailed report of the assessment’s findings.


Product Description

  • Spatial map confirming degree of crop damage (hail)

  • Assessment provided 

Customer Value Proposition

  • Efficient verification of injury for insurance or settlement purposes

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  1. LOGIN to A&L DataWeb 

  2. Access "TerraSiteRx "

  3. Click "Select Category" and  choose "Algorithm"

  4. Click on the package icon you wish to purchase

  5. Click “Apply”

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Contact your Ag Retailer or Crop Consultant to place your order, or order from the A&L DataWeb Client Portal

Proprietary algorithms used in the TerraSiteRx farm data platform are based on years of in-house agronomy and remote sensing research.

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